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For many people like me, coffee is a drink of choice. And it is a healthy choice as it is the cup that cheers yet does not inebriate you.  It is my life force.  I cannot imagine starting my day without my "cuppa coffee".  In fact, I just can't get started until I've had that first piping hot cup.  And oh it's aroma! Resisting its awesome aroma is pretty much impossible. Mmmm! It's not only the most loved beverage but it is the favorite drink of the civilized world.  I would rather spend money on coffee than any other beverage.  A good cup of coffee is like a life-saver. It can energize you and keep you fuelled.  I don't know whether it is coffee that changes one's lifestyle or it is the lifestyle that changes you to drink coffee.  Whatever it may be, the change is definitely for the better.  The warm liquid has a happy cheerful effect on me. A lot can be exchanged over a cup of coffee like friendly chats, business deals, old memories, etc with a refreshing experience.  When things don't work out right for me and I am feeling out-of-sorts like lonely, tired, depressed, my "cuppa coffee" works for me, whether I have it with friends or alone, whether with snacks or without.  Its warmth brings clarity to my mind in understanding my problems.  They say humanity runs on coffee.  It can connect people and create community.  The best way to have coffee is in your favorite mug. Coffee shops are popular these days as coffee helps one to unwind.  Lastly, I'd like to say as someone anonymous said: "coffee is a hug in a mug" 

Best Wishes : Teresa L. Dalgado.

COFFEE makes my day every morning and I am sure millions of people around the world feel the same. 


Enjoy Your Hot Cup of Coffee ! Fashion3K
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  • Ida Ferreira on

    Cuppa of coffee is so exhilarating ..opphs I just cannot do with it especially mornings.

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